Thatched Roofs

A thatched roof is the covering of a predominantly, but by no means limited to, timber substructure with straw, reeds, palm leaves or a similar material. Over and above the fact that cape reed thatch is without a doubt the world’s most charming and beautiful form of roofing, it also rewards you with several other inherent benefits, including:

Additional living space.
You can double your accommodation at relatively little extra cost. The required angle of pitch of a thatched roof ensures more than ample space for loft rooms to be incorporated into your design.
Fact is, thatch allows you the equivalent of your total ground floor area as extra usable space upstairs.

Superb insulation qualities.
Whatever the climate, cape reed is nature’s finest insulator. Beautifully cool and airy in the heat of summer and as warm as toast on a cold winter’s day.

Comprehensive tests have shown that compared to fibre cement / concrete tiles with in-ceiling insulation, the thermal performance of cape reed thatching with our built-in FireBloc is more than seven times better.

The FireBloc also performs another useful insulation function. Being of an exceptionally fine-gauge mesh, it traps most of the dirt and dust that normally filters through a thatched roof, virtually eliminating interior dust fall-out, helping you to keep your home even cleaner.

Exceptional re-sale value.
There is definitely something about the character of a well thatched property that says “buy me” far stronger than any other type.
It is usually love at first sight, which also means you’re able to command a price premium well above a non-thatched building of equivalent size and setting.

Exciting interior design options.
When building a thatched roof building, the interior roof finish also forms an integral part of the overall design.

New freedom for thatch designs.
And perhaps even more exciting, it will open up more and more opportunities for you to explore the many creative interior design avenues offered by thatch:

Enthralling contemporary options like catwalks, skylights, elevated terraces and more traditional features, such as open mezzanines, spiral staircases and dormer windowed loft rooms.
Just think, all that wonderful “free” space just waiting for your design inventiveness to turn into something very special.

Our expert team of salesmen, designers and craftsmen will gladly assist you to create and construct the ideal shading option for your available space, contact us today for your free quotation and expert advice.

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