Timber Balustrades and Bridges

When it comes to fencing off your property or parts thereof, timber balustrades and fencing have been the number one go to for ages and it isn’t hard to see why.

Apart from being always in style, timber is probably the most customizable material that can be used for fencing, providing not only privacy and security but also adding a decorative touch, heaps of character and stunning aesthetic appeal of your property.

Timber is the most widely used building material in the world – it’s versatile, environmentally friendly, lightweight, low maintenance and affordable and with the proper timber treatment, can last for many years.

Whether you require a security fence, decorative screen, timber wall cladding, wooden balustrades and handrails or even garden edging, our professional team of designers and craftsmen will be able to assist you in creating a cost-effective, durable yet sustainable product to suit your requirements.

In order for us to ensure a high-quality, durable product, all of our structural timber is harvested from sustainable forests and then pressure treated to the highest quality standards. This in turn ensures not only the preservation of the forests but also the longevity of our products and peace of mind for our clients.

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What We Do

Timber Construction

Timber Balustrades

A timber balustrade or railing is a structural design feature that will add an element of safety and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor landscaping. Depending on your structure, spacing and building codes, balustrades can be customized accordingly to suit your requirements and preferences.

Timber Bridges

Whether you need to cross over a stream, creek or road, a timber bridge with railing can be custom built to get you safely to the other side. Our timber bridges are typically decked and fitted with balustrades but can be customized to suit the relevant design and architectural requirements.

Timber Walkways

From boardwalks that snake through natural vegetation to simple paths over gravel or sand, our timber walkways can be customized to fit a curved spaces, elevated to harness rough terrain or even be flat on the ground, straight edged or sloping.

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