Synthetic Thatch

Traditionally, a thatched roof would be covered by a natural product but as with so many aspects these days, the advantages of synthetic materials in modern construction methods cannot be ignored.

A synthetic roof cover is an excellent alternative to traditional natural thatch. Our synthetic thatch solution is a beautiful alternative to natural thatch that simulates the appearance of natural reed, grass or palm thatch.

When To Opt For Synthetic Thatch Roofing


Geographically speaking, the areas in the world that have higher rainfall or higher humidity, yield shorter life spans for natural thatched roofs. Moisture, in combination with the sun’s UV rays cause natural thatched roofs to dry and decay much faster than what would normally be the case.

Variety Of Styles

Available in many styles and colours, our synthetic thatch roofing is far superior in terms of longevity and durability when compared to similar products available in the market today.

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Low Maintenance

Our synthetic thatch gives you a beautiful, natural looking, high quality thatch roof that can replicate thatch from anywhere in the world, giving your home, palapa, bar, hotel, resort, restaurant or other structure a beautiful, natural looking worry-free thatched roof you can be proud of.

What We Do

Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Dominica

Synthetic Thatch Umbrella

Our synthetic thatch umbrella cover is easy to install, low in maintenance and extremely durable. These structures will add an instant tropical atmosphere to your outdoor environment with the added benefit of shade, style and comfort.

Nikki Beach

Synthetic Thatch Roof

Our synthetic thatch roof solution is a fantastic roofing option especially in climates with high rainfall and extreme winds. Available in a variety of styles and colours, our synthetic thatch tiles and panels closely imitate the look and feel of a natural thatch roof.

Why Choose Synthetic Thatch

Synthetic Thatch Tiki Hut / Chiringuito

Add an element of fun and some relaxed tropical holiday vibes to your outdoor landscape with a custom-built synthetic thatch tiki hut, chiringuito or palapa umbrella. Our synthetic thatch structures can be big or small and is a popular roof cover for bars and seating in a laid-back setting.

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