Cape Reed International is proud to present a unique fire retardant in the form of Cape Reed Fireshield. This specially formulated chemical can be applied to thatch, timber and various other materials to significantly increase resistance to fire.

Cape Reed Fireshield is manufactured by the world leader in the supply of fire retardants for natural materials and other fabrics, i.e. Magma Industries. The manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2000 certified and complies with OECD guidelines during manufacturing and application processes.

This product conforms to international standards and complies with all relevant requirements and standards for construction with natural materials.

This solution has been tested and certified by international entities to achieve:

  • UKAS Accreditation
  • Dubai Civil Defence Accreditation
  • UAE Civil Defence Compliance
  • B-roof (t1) Classification

Cape Reed Fireshield is a water based intumescent coating that does not contain any toxic elements and is both user-friendly as well as environmentally friendly.

Fireshield is your number one solution for timber and thatch fire protection.

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What We Do

Fireshield for Thatch

Fireshield FRC 101 is specially formulated for use on thatch, reed, barasti or brezo style roofs and structures. Clear when dry, this milky white liquid is easily sprayed onto structures and offers a three-year protection period.

Fireshield for Timber

Fireshield for Timber

Fireshield FRC 102 is specially formulated for use on timber structures and substrates (hard and soft wood, except flooring). Drying into a matt white finish, this liquid is easily sprayed onto structures and offers a fire-year protection period.

Fireshield Specification

Fireshield Specification

Cape Reed Fireshield complies with all relevant standards and requirements for construction with natural materials. It conforms to international standards, offering an over B-Roof (t1) fire rating. Click here for relevant certification documents.

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