Lam Beams


Eucalyptus Laminated Beams, pre-sealed and stained ready for outdoor use. Please note this is not a stock item. Special order on request.

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Eucalyptus Lam Beams, pre-sealed and stained ready for outdoor use.

Wooden poles that are used for different applications need to be treated in different ways. Poles that are to be used in a jetty, for instance, need to be treated more thoroughly than poles used for roofs.

Timber is the most widely used building material in the world – it’s versatile, environmentally friendly, lightweight and affordable and with the proper timber treatment, can last for many years. Timber plays an important role in our construction process and makes out a big percentage of Cape Reed structures.

Together with durable timber harvested from sustainable forests where 165,000 new trees are planted annually. In order for us to ensure a high-quality, durable product, all of our structural timber is pressure treated to the highest quality standards. This in turn ensures not only the preservation of the timber but also the health and safety of our clients.

If you’re not too sure what  timber you need and are a bit overwhelmed by all the technical terms and specifications, no need to worry.

Please note that our lam beams are not a stock item. Special order on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of these products, delivery can be arranged at an extra fee.
Please contact your nearest Cape Reed warehouse and we will make the necessary arrangements.

All prices are VAT inclusive.

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90mm X 160mm X 11,8m, 110mm X 200mm X 11,8m


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