Structural Timber Construction

Timber is the most widely used building material in the world – it’s versatile, environmentally friendly, lightweight and affordable.

Sustainable timber forms an integral part of our structural designs, be it our thatched roofs, pergolas, decking, timber ceilings, balustrades or timber fencing. All of our structural timber is harvested from sustainable forests and pressure treated to the highest quality standards. This in turn ensures not only the preservation of the forests but also the longevity of our products and peace of mind for our clients.

We provide timber structures in a number of finishes and can be built using either cylindrical, square or laminated timber.

As a specialist structural timber company, we provide a wide variety of timber construction. From timber roof structures to timber screens, timber staircases and timber wall cladding of exceptional quality and guaranteed professional workmanship.

Apart from timber roof construction, Cape Reed International also offers a wide range of ready-made timber products and timber material to the public. These products are available to clients across Europe and the Middle East.

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Our Timber Construction Expertise


Timber Decking

Timber decking is a practical, yet sustainable solution to outdoor flooring with a high aesthetic appeal. The versatility of this product allows it to add elevated dimensions to your outdoor landscape and can easily harness the potential of a sloping terrain. We offer a wide range of timber decking that is available in different profiles and finishes.


Timber Wall Cladding

Whether its purpose is purely structural, decorative, or both, sustainable timber wall cladding can easily be used in either indoor or outdoor applications that will add a unique ambience and beautiful texture to your structure.


Timber Roofs and Ceilings

Due to the exceptional insulation, acoustic and aesthetic properties of wood, timber roofs and ceilings have been around for ages. Whether you prefer exposed trusses or a smooth finished ceiling, the benefits of this sustainable material remain the same.

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