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Enhance Your Landscape with Timber Screens

Why Timber Screens are Best for Backyards?

Timber screens have always been a part of most eras adding elegance to the look of your house. It makes your backyard appropriately private, stylish, and appealing.

Timber fencing, most importantly, adds an aesthetic appearance and value to the residential premises.

Privatizing your backyard provides numerous benefits besides offering you a sustainable material for building. An elegant fence looks great and is an effortless fixture enhancing your backyard and house.

Read on to find some great reasons to use timber screens for your backyard.

Timber lath fencing with a whitewash finish
Timber lath fencing with a whitewash finish

Attractive and Flexible

In architecture, wood is always an ideal and practical choice for most homemakers or builders. It provides a classic and aesthetic look offering various options for several applications and designs.

The choice is flexible and offers a wide range of textures and quality of timber, making it look attractive by all means. A decorative piece of timber around your backyard gives it a charm as never seen before.

Timber lath privacy screen
Timber lath privacy screen


Adding a screen to your backyard gives you the privacy you need and is the primary reason why fencing is required. Fencing the premises avoids nosy neighbors and pedestrians passing by your house.

Outdoor sunken seating area with lath fencing
Outdoor sunken seating area with lath fencing for privacy


When you decide to use timber fencing for your backyard, you will be amazed at the creative ways you can screen it up. You can install a screen in your backyard in several ways. People also use timber when it comes to home renovation since it is one of the best versatile materials.

Cape Reed timber products saligna lath cladding
Timber saligna lath cladding

Hiding Fixtures

Timber lath screens work exceptionally well to hide unsightly fixtures around the house such as aircon units, swimming pool pumps, tool sheds and more.

Modern Landscape Design to Transform Your Backyard
Lath Screens are great for hiding unsightly fixtures


Timber screens or fences are sturdy; needless to say, they are low in maintenance. It is the best way to protect kids from outdoor games when they are provided with a backyard that is appropriately fenced to spend their playtime. Timber can be accommodated well by properties of various shapes and sizes, giving it an elegant and classic touch. It makes the passer-by envy your choice and creativity in fencing your backyard.

Woven timber lath fence screen
Woven timber lath fence screen