5 DIY Lath Ideas for Your Home

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration

There’s just something so rewarding and enthralling about steadily and evenly shaping wood as a workpiece spins at high speed on your wood lath. So, what can you make with timber lath? There’s a wide variety of lath ideas available for you to create, and here are some of the best ones.

In this article, we will look at various ways to improve your home with lath ideas, this includes:

  • Add privacy and style to your outdoor space in an eco-friendly way
  • Design something completely unique with creative wooden laths
  • Enjoy a hassle-free solution for the perfect outdoor shower
  • Create a serene and idyllic atmosphere in your own garden

1. Outdoor Bathroom

If you want to create something unique, the doctor could order an outdoor bathroom made of wood lath. Imagine having a rustic bathroom in your garden, surrounded by vegetation, and enjoying the serenity of nature. You can accomplish this with wood lath and have a pleasant DIY project to impress your guests.

Custom designed outdoor shower room and it is the perfect outdoor accessory for this season
Custom designed outdoor shower room and it is the perfect outdoor accessory for this season.

2. Lath Fencing

This type of fence is economical and functional and can add security and charm to any property.

Rustic lath fence
Rustic lath fencing for the garden

3. Outdoor Shower Lath Ideas

Creating something unique and functional has never been easier because of the countless possibilities timber lath provides. Building an outdoor shower is a terrific project to explore. With a choice of wood kinds to pick from, you can design a shower that is both useful and fashionable.

Timber lath ideas for an outdoor shower
Timber lath outdoor shower

4. Privacy Screen

A timber lath privacy screen is a wonderful solution for adding privacy to your backyard or simply creating a stunning focal point for your garden. Using a wood lathe, you can build elaborate and precise patterns that allow you to customize and personalize your screen completely. Whether you choose a natural wood treatment or paint it to match the exterior of your home, the end product will look gorgeous while offering the privacy you need.

Timber lath privacy screen
Beautiful privacy screens for the garden

5. Cladding

Cape Reed timber products decorative lath cladding
Cape Reed decorative lath cladding

Being a natural resource, it is both eco-friendly and sustainable and often less expensive than other decorative items. Whether you require something practical or simply decorative, some creative thinking and some timber laths will get you a long way.

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How big is a lath fence?

The versatility of a timber lath fence allows it to be constructed in virtually any size.

What is cladding?

Cladding is the process of applying one material over another to create a skin or layer. Cladding is used in construction to offer thermal insulation and weather protection and improve structures’ aesthetics.