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8 Creative Uses For Timber Laths

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add a bit of rustic chic to your garden, look no further than the humble timber laths.

Being a natural resource, it is both eco-friendly and sustainable and often less expensive than other decorative items. But what we just absolutely love about these simple pieces of timber, is the many ways in which it can be incorporated. Whether you require something practical or simply decorative, a little bit of creative thinking together with some timber laths will get you a long way.

SHADING Create semi-shaded areas for relaxation or shelter by making uses of laths as a simple roof cover.

FENCING Effectively fence in your garden, terrace or entire property

GATES A clever way to add a bit of glam to your garden gate.

PARTITIONING A modern, yet effective way to separate open spaces such as open-plan living rooms and offices.

ENCLOSURES A decorative and practical way of partially enclosing spaces, be it residential or commercial, without having to erect solid walls.

WALKWAYS Effectively enclose walkways, creating a rustic, safari ambiance/feel.

CLADDING A simple yet effective way to add texture to walls.

DECORATIVE From a decorative point of view, laths can be successfully incorporated into your landscaping design, creating an aesthetically pleasing result.