8 Creative Uses For Timber Laths

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration | 0 comments

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add a bit of rustic chic to your garden, look no further than the humble timber lath.

Being a natural resource, it is both eco-friendly and sustainable and often less expensive than other decorative items. But what we just absolutely love about these simple pieces of timber, is the many ways in which it can be incorporated. Whether you require something practical or simply decorative, a little bit of creative thinking together with some timber laths will get you a long way.

Timber laths, commonly used in construction and woodworking, are versatile materials that offer a wide range of creative applications beyond their traditional uses. These thin strips of wood have a long history of serving as support structures, but they can also be repurposed in innovative ways to add charm, functionality, and style to various projects. In this article, we’ll explore some creative uses for timber laths that can inspire your next DIY endeavour. Let us show laths can be used for:

  • Adding shade to your structure.
  • Creating privacy in your garden.
  • Adding texture to your outdoor landscape.


Create semi-shaded areas for relaxation or shelter by making uses of laths as a simple roof cover.


Effectively fence in your garden, terrace or entire property


A clever way to add a bit of glam to your garden gate.


A modern, yet effective way to separate open spaces such as open-plan living rooms and offices.


A decorative and practical way of partially enclosing spaces, be it residential or commercial, without having to erect solid walls.


Effectively enclose walkways, creating a rustic, safari ambiance/feel.


A simple yet effective way to add texture to walls.


From a decorative point of view, laths can be successfully incorporated into your landscaping design, creating an aesthetically pleasing result.


In conclusion, timber laths are a versatile and captivating resource that transcends their traditional roles in construction and woodworking. With a touch of creativity and imagination, these slender wood strips can metamorphose your garden into a haven of rustic elegance. From providing shade and privacy to enhancing aesthetics and functionality, the potential applications of timber laths are truly boundless. Embrace the charm and versatility of timber laths to unlock a world of garden design possibilities.


Are timber laths suitable for supporting heavy climbing plants?

Yes, timber laths are sturdy enough to support various climbing plants, but ensure they are securely fastened for added stability.

Can I stain timber laths to match my interior décor?

Absolutely! Timber laths can be stained in different colors to complement your interior design scheme. Remember to use a wood stain suitable for the chosen wood type.

Do I need advanced woodworking skills for timber lath projects?

Not necessarily. Many timber lath projects can be accomplished by DIY enthusiasts with basic woodworking skills and the right tools.