Thatched outdoor living space on square timber

10 Thatched Gazebo Ideas for Your Backyard

A thatched gazebo is a great addition to any garden or landscape. Depending entirely on the purpose you want it to fulfill, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to your own private thatched addition. Whether you simply require a shaded shelter from the elements, a beautiful focal point in your garden or a space in which to relax and/or entertain, our customized thatched gazebos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, each one tailor-made according to your taste and requirements.

Here are 10 ideas for your bespoke outdoor area:

Traditional Thatched Gazebo
Our traditional dark stained timber structure with decorative rope work (for added texture) and waterproof thatched roof can be used for a myriad of purposes.

Contemporary Whitewashed Gazebo
Our whitewash finished structures fit in beautifully in a Mediterranean environment and becomes a great focal point of any landscape!

Natural Timber Gazebo
The natural colour of clear treated eucalyptus timber pairs beautifully with a thatched roof, softly adding a subtle touch of rustic to your garden.

Square Timber
Put a modern twist on a classic thatched roof by substituting cylindrical timber for square timber columns, beams and rafters.

Thatch on RC
Yet another way to add a contemporary touch to a thatched gazebo is by replacing timber columns and bearers with reinforced concrete that can be cladded in a variety of ways to add the finish of your choice.

Swim-up Poolbar
Turn a poolbar into a coolbar by adding a bar with seating to your pool. Enjoying a refreshingly cold beverage whilst comfortably submerged and seated in the pool is the ultimate way to stay cool during hot weather.

Outdoor Dining
Al-fresco dining is something most of us enjoy but its even better if you can prepare meals in a customized outdoor kitchen.

A thatched gazebo provides a brilliant ambiance in which to relax and unwind – be it by laying back in a jacuzzi/spa, doing a bit of yoga or meditation or simply a good old massage.

Outdoor Entertainment
Whether it’s a comfortable seating, dining or full-on entertainment area, a thatched gazebo provides the ultimate atmosphere in which to entertain to your heart’s content.

Irregular Terrain
A steep slope or irregular terrain doesn’t have to be keeping your from making the most of what your property has to offer.

Contact us today and let our well-experienced team of designers and craftsmen assist you in creating your bespoke customized gazebo.