Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking

The Growing Popularity of African Thatch

An African thatch gazebo is typically built by creating a timber structure of columns, bearers and rafters, which are then covered with cape reed thatch by means of a traditional thatching technique. African thatch roofing works well in a variety of outdoor living spaces. They are well suited for areas with extremely hot temperatures as well as areas with heavy rainfall. They are durable, stylish and adds a level of comfort that is second to none. Here are a few reasons why you should consider African thatch and for your outdoor space.

A beautiful African thatched structure with decking and balustrades

Great Versatility

An African Thatch structure is an extremely versatile design concept that can be built in almost any area. Whether you are dealing with uneven terrain, dry, humid or wet environments or areas big or small, a competent contractor will be able to design a thatched structure that will fulfil your needs.

African thatched structure with firepit and outdoor kitchen


If you want something gorgeous and durable, African thatch is your solution. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable and extremely durable roofing material, that can, with regular maintenance, last for 50 years and longer.

Beautiful outdoor living space with a thatched roof
Beautiful outdoor living space with a thatched roof


Despite being highly resilient, thatch (specifically cape reed thatch) is susceptible to the elements however, in comparison with other thatching materials, it is much stronger and more durable. An African thatch roof provides eco-friendly, sustainable shade and shelter in a natural manner, complementing a wide variety of garden designs and layouts.

Advantages of a thatched roof
Whitewash African thatched gazebo with a Boho Chic theme

Superior Insulation Qualities

The density and composition of cape reed thatch (thamnochortus insignis) allows it to be one of nature’s finest insulators. An African thatch roof will be cool in summer and warm in winter, making it the ideal fit for all kinds of weather conditions.  In contrast to other thatching materials, the high SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) of African thatch allows it to be as much as 10° cooler in summer and warmer in winter, ideal for all weather conditions because of its appealing quality. It wonderfully complements its distinguishing feature of simultaneously cooling and heating. In contrast to the other options, it can keep the gazebo cool in the heat. It is a well-liked option because of its exceptional insulating qualities. Watering the thatch roof can lower the heat since it allows more air to pass through it.

Modern Landscape Design to Transform Your Backyard
Modern thatched gazebo with African thatch and timber decking

Elegant and Lovely

Cape Reed Thatch is a fantastic natural material that will refine your backyard – adding a rustic elegance and an element of stylish functionality.

Thatched outdoor entertainment area with swim-up poolbar
African thatched outdoor entertainment area with swim-up poolbar