Thatched roof entertainment area with natural eucalyptus substructure

Clear Treated Eucalyptus Timber




Clear treated eucalyptus timber introduces softer colours and adds a modern touch to our timber and thatch outdoor living structures.

Since we’ve started to incorporate this species of timber to our structural designs and proposals, it has proven itself to be a hugely popular option, especially amongst our residential clients in the Middle East as well as Europe.

Experience the Charm of a Gabled Thatched Roof Gazebo
Experience the Charm of a Gabled Thatched Roof Gazebo

In stark contrast to the dark stain normally applied to our classic timber structures, the much lighter natural tint of the clear treated eucalyptus timber conveys a pleasant touch of softness to the ambiance of the structure.

The clear treatment applied to the timber (exclusively supplied by The PoleYard and shipped from South Africa) provides a greater dimensional stability whilst also ensuring the durability of the material as well as protection against insects.

Additionally, the paler colour of the timber pairs beautifully with our thatched roofs and is exceptionally well complemented by a manicured soft landscape.

Cape Reed Thatched Gazebo with Outdoor Seating
Experience the Charm of a Cape Reed Gabled Thatched Roof Gazebo in Dubai.

The irregular shape of the tapered eucalyptus poles and the occasional appearance of knots in the timber furthermore adds a gentle rustic yet contemporary touch to outdoor living spaces in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

Boho chic timber pergola
Boho chic timber pergola

The masterful blend of clear treated eucalyptus timber, cape reed thatch, pine flooring and half-round cladding ensures that this customized outdoor living space oozes a feeling of comfort and natural ambiance from every corner.

One of the primary reasons why clear treated eucalyptus timber has gained popularity is its eco-friendliness. Eucalyptus trees grow rapidly and can be harvested sustainably, reducing the strain on natural forests. Additionally, eucalyptus timber production requires less energy and water compared to other construction materials, making it a greener choice.

Timber decking with cladding and lath screen
Timber decking with cladding and lath screen

Clear treated eucalyptus timber emerges as an excellent choice for modern construction projects due to its sustainability, strength, and versatility. By opting for this eco-friendly material, builders and homeowners can create structures that are not only aesthetically appealing but also environmentally responsible.



Is clear treated eucalyptus timber resistant to pests and insects?

Yes, the treatment process imparts natural resistance to pests and insects, making it a reliable choice for long-lasting structures.

How does eucalyptus timber contribute to sustainable forestry practices?

Eucalyptus trees have a rapid growth rate, allowing for sustainable harvesting. Additionally, replanting initiatives ensure the continuous availability of this valuable resource.

Can clear treated eucalyptus timber withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, eucalyptus timber’s inherent durability and the treatment process make it highly resilient to extreme weather, including exposure to moisture and sunlight.

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