Introducing our new square timber beams

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In the ever-changing world of design and construction, staying ahead of the latest trends is essential for any company. At Cape Reed International, we take pride in offering innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients. In our continuous efforts to provide the best to our customers, we are excited to introduce our new product line of square timber beams. This addition showcases our commitment to sustainability and style, bringing forth a range of exciting possibilities for architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Embracing the Evolution: The Allure of Square Timber Beams

Witnessed through the lens of innovation, a multitude of clients have already embraced this paradigm shift with utmost enthusiasm, yielding remarkable outcomes. Our novel collection of square timber beams imparts a contemporary and invigorating spin to traditional wooden designs. This diverse range of beams spans various dimensions, poised to harmonize seamlessly with an array of applications. Whether adorning exposed ceiling motifs or sculpting elegant pergolas, the potential is bound solely by creative imagination.

A fully customized living area combines the use of concrete columns and square beams to create an ultra-modern look.

Our semi-shaded pergola is available in either a classic dark brown timber or a contemporary white-washed square timber finish.

Square timber double roof interior
Square timber double roof interior

Elegance Redefined: The Versatility of Semi-Shaded Pergolas

Elevating the concept of semi-shaded pergolas to an unparalleled realm of elegance, our offerings extend the choice between classic dark brown timber or the chic allure of a contemporary white-washed square timber finish. This choice empowers our clientele to infuse their architectural compositions with their distinct personal touch, evoking a sense of belonging and authenticity.

Sustainability at the Core: Our Commitment to Ethical Timber Sourcing

Integral to our structural ethos is the steadfast integration of sustainable timber, hailing from responsibly managed forests and meticulously pressure-treated to the zenith of quality benchmarks. This practice resonates not only with the preservation of our natural habitats but also with the longevity and durability of our products, bestowing tranquility upon our discerning clientele.

Elevating Spaces: The Enduring Allure of Square Timber Beams

The magnetic appeal of square timber beams stems from their innate ability to infuse spaces with sophistication and warmth. Characterized by their clean lines and geometric contours, these beams emanate a contemporary allure that harmonizes effortlessly with both rustic and modern designs. Outdoor havens, including patios and gardens, emerge as canvases to integrate the charisma of square timber beams. Whether as pergolas that proffer shade and ambiance or trellises that cradle climbing flora, the incorporation of these beams bridges the interior and exterior realms, effectively expanding the living expanse.

Cape Reed project Benahavis Hills square timber pergola
Benahavis Hills Square Timber Pergola with outdoor seating

Crafting the Future: Sustainability as a Design Imperative

As design narratives continue their evolutionary journey, the imperative of embracing sustainable elements gains paramount significance in modern construction. Through our revolutionary lineup of square timber beams, we extend to you an avenue suffused with ecological consciousness and design élan, embellishing your projects with an aura of refinement and environmental responsibility. From indoor refurbishments that exude opulence to outdoor expansions that beckon nature’s embrace, these beams emerge as beacons of elegance and eco-consciousness, fostering an exquisite synergy between aesthetic allure and sustainable progress.


In the dynamic terrain of design and architecture, the ascent towards innovation and environmental consciousness stands as an indomitable pursuit. With our avant-garde assortment of square timber beams, Cape Reed International asserts its role as a vanguard of transformative design, forging a path where creativity and sustainability converge harmoniously.



Are square timber beams durable enough for outdoor use?

Square timber beams are naturally durable and can withstand outdoor conditions with proper treatment and maintenance.

Can square timber beams be painted or stained?

Yes, square timber beams can be painted or stained to match the desired color scheme of your project.

How do square timber beams contribute to sustainability?

Square timber beams come from renewable forests, and the use of timber helps in reducing carbon footprint compared to other building materials.