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Cape Reed Thatch Bundle.
Thamnochortus Insignis (cape reed) thatch only grows on the Southern tip of the African continent and is now available for sale.

Avg. weight / bundle: 1.4kg

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Thamnochortus Insignis (cape reed ) thatch only grows on the Southern tip of the African continent and is now available for sale in the UAE and Spain.

By definition, a thatched roof is a roof covered with straw, reeds, palm leaves, or a similar material. Our primary roofing material, cape reed (thamnochortus insignis), is unique to South Africa.

More specifically, it can only be found in the Southern Cape and grows along the coast on a strip of land of approximately 78km by 23km.

The cape reed plant must grow for an average of 6 years before it is harvested. The growth period for other thatching materials averages only 6 months. There are many advantages for slower growth, including the inner material of the plant that grows solid and becomes stable, with an extremely high density. As a result, the product has a much higher resistance to rotting and general decay than other thatching materials.

Cape Reed Thatch Bundles is now available for purchase in both the United Arab Emirates and Europe, the legacy of this South African gem has reached new horizons. Its unique combination of beauty, endurance, and environmental sustainability has captured the admiration of individuals seeking roofing solutions that seamlessly blend nature's touch with architectural sophistication.

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Avg. weight / bundle: 1.4kg

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