Brick wall enclosure with glass doors and windows

5 Ways To Enclose Your Outdoor Living Space

A covered outdoor living space is a great addition to any garden landscape. These living spaces provide shelter from the elements and are a great way to extend your indoor living environment to the outdoors.

Cape Reed International’s creative team of designers and craftsmen are experts in creating an outdoor living space specific to each client’s need and budget.

Depending on the vision you have for your outdoor living area, these can either be open plan or enclosed for a more private setting. Here are five ways in which to add some privacy to your outdoor living area:

Timber Cladding with Glass Windows and Doors

Glass Cladding

Brick and Cement Walls



Whatever your requirements, contact the Cape Reed team today and allow our creative team to design a thatch and/or timber structure that is customized for your property and tailor-made to suit your unique lifestyle requirements.