Thatched roof interior at Doha

TanE Timber Treatment – why we use it

Timber is the most widely used building material in the world – it’s versatile, environmentally friendly, lightweight and affordable and with the proper timber treatment, can last for many years. Timber plays an important role in our construction process and makes out a big percentage of Cape Reed structures.

In order for us to ensure a high-quality, durable product, all of our structural timber is pressure treated to the highest quality standards. This in turn ensures not only the preservation of the timber but also the health and safety of our clients.

For this we prefer timber treated with Tanalised E™ (Tan-E™) wood preservative for a number of reasons:

Tan-E provides long term protection against insects, wood decay and natural weathering, extending the service life of the timber.

  • Tan-E contains copper and organic biocides, minimising environmental impact.
  • Tan-E is used to treat both sawn timber and pole products.
  • Tan-E provides long term protection against insects (wood borer, termites, etc), wood decay and natural weathering, extending the service life of the timber.
  • Tan-E penetrates and is retained within the wood cell structure during the treatment process and cannot be easily removed.
  • Tan-E is the preservative of choice to use to treat wood for use in Green Building projects, in close human contact applications such as play equipment, decking, walkways and conservation structures.
  • Tan-E treated wood is verified by Ecospecifier Global. This verification is a guarantee to customers and professionals alike that all key manufacturer health and environmental claims are third party verified.  Furthermore, these claims are assessed in a thorough scientific manner using a Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) analysis in combination with a health and eco-toxicity screening.

Tan-E is the number one choice timber treatment and one of the reasons why we can confidently guarantee our timber and thatch structures for 15 years.