Sleeper wood bench

Timber Products and Material

Apart from being specialists in creating bespoke timber structures, Cape Reed International also offers a wide range of ready-made timber products and timber material to the public. These products are available to clients across Europe and the Middle East.

Our durable timber landscaping items are designed to allow you to shape your outdoor living space to suit your unique needs and requirements. From gates and fencing to planter boxes and edging, our timber products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized on special request.

For those who prefer to try their hand at DIY, we are more than happy to supply treated timber material to enable you to build your own deck, fence or whatever project you have in mind.

Our range of products include the following items:

• Lath Panels
• Lath Screens
• Picket Fencing & Gates
• Fence Panels
• Trellises
• Archways
• Edging
• Sleepers
• Planter Boxes
• Worm Hives
• Tool Sheds
• Hanging Baskets
• Topiaries
• Bridges
• Tree Rings
• Pathways
• Droppers
• Posts
• Benches
• Chairs
• Tables
• Benches
• Bench Sets
• Saligna Laths
• Eucalyptus Poles
• Pine Poles
• Decking
• Cladding

Click here to download our complete product list with specifications.

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