Boho chic timber pergola

8 Pergola Design Ideas To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Dubai is one of the hottest regions in the UAE and requires outdoor pergola shade in areas like the garden, backyard, or even the patio.

There are customized pergola designers in Dubai providing you with a wide range of quality timber pergolas that are durable, attractive and affordable.

A timber pergola is a popular design chosen by residents who want to make their outdoor living space more appealing.

You can even opt for designs that are less obstructive of the view if you have your house or the apartments surrounded by natural beauty.

A well-shaded outdoor living space enables you to spend more time outside rather than being restricted to being indoors on a sunny day.

A White Out

Some home owners expand their outdoor space with a classic white-washed timber structure that adds a Mediterranean touch to your garden or patio area. If you decide to install it amidst the greenery of the garden area, it will give a stunning look that will work well with plants and flowers around it.

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Whitewash Mediterranean themed timber pergola

Boho Chic Style

Probably the biggest design trends of the year, has to be the boho-chic style. The elegant mix of different styles and organic elements such as wood, wicker lampshades and rustic timber furniture make this a super chic hangout to dine with family and friends alike.

Boho chic timber pergola
Boho chic themed

Mediterranean Flair

Strips of fabric and long flowing drapes will add some classic Mediterranean flair to your outdoor living space.

Mediterranean style timber pergola
Mediterranean style timber pergola

Add A Floral Shade

A natural floral décor covering for your pergola gives it an enchanting look from the outside. Various flowers, creepers and vines can be combined to create an arch-like structure in your garden or patio.

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Floral décor

Outdoor Dining Space

Any meal tastes good in the tranquility of your patio pergola designed to spend some family time outdoors.

A timber structure with rustic outdoor furniture and soft lighting will give you an incredible outdoor dining experience.

Tips to Maintain a Pergola
Timber pergola with rustic outdoor furniture


This elevated timber manama might be situated on a private beach, but it can easily be customized and built to suit your garden landscape! It is simply perfect for lazy days of relaxation, entertaining friends, or quality family time.

This beautiful timber manama is perfect for any landscape!

Elevated timber daybed manama
Elevated timber daybed manama

Heritage Style

Covering a pergola with barasti stems or palm fronds will add an authentic Middle Eastern heritage look to your structure.

Heritage style barasti pergola
Heritage style barasti shading

Light It Up

With some fairy-lights and a comfy, cozy swinging sofa, a simple patio pergola becomes the perfect place to enjoy your garden landscape.

Square timber pergola with swing and lighting
Square timber pergola with swing and lighting