Boho Lampshades

Nail the Boho Theme in Your Home With These Useful Tips

Those who want their homes to be filled with life, culture, and interesting items should consider the bohemian style or boho decor. This style embraces imaginative, carefree, and unorthodox decor, which runs counter to modern sensibilities. Bohemian-style rooms frequently share similar characteristics and are always eclectic, even though every room is completely different.

This style is often adopted by those who lead unconventional life. If you want to choose a style you can make your own, then the Boho theme might be for you.


This technique of layering and combining colours is such a unique style. Think deep browns, grey, and green as base colours combined with saturated purple, electric blue, and fiery orange. While there are no rules for this theme, warm earthy colours and metallic tones are the most common ones.

The best part of this theme is you can mix patterns and textures that would, in a conventional design, be considered a faux pas. Layering throws on your sofa and hanging area rugs on the walls alongside your photo frames and art is another brilliant idea. Lastly, consider using white to bring a little visual space into the equation strategically.

Decorative Materials

Unlike other designs, Boho is one such style that embraces more is more. The key here is to mix and match materials. For instance, you can combine natural materials with silk or chenille. That said, ensure the overall look should be slightly worn out, not shiny or new. Fringe, crochet, and macramé abound accessories are a great addition.


Consider vintage or second-hand furniture if you’re wondering what furniture would be right for a boho home. Choose between plush chairs and couches in saturated colors or throw rugs and overstuffed pillows for that welcoming floor-seating atmosphere. Also, given that this theme exudes a very relaxing vibe, chaise lounge chairs or even daybeds are a good idea for seating options.

Lighting and Accessories

Skip the overhead fixtures and lighting and opt for lanterns, candles, and lamps with ambient lighting for that calm and welcoming feel. Add life to the room with ferns and hanging plants – they add vibrancy to the room and improve air quality. If being a plant parent is not your strong suit, small succulents also work and are widely available in various colors and textures.

Lastly, adorn your room with handmade items, family heirlooms, or objects collected from your travels. When it comes to accessories, these should be personal, so feature what you love. This could be vintage bottles, jute bags, or even a chunky gold mirror. The bottom line is every item in the room should share something about you.