Wonderful Outdoor Pool Ideas

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration

There’s something magical about having an outdoor pool in your backyard. It not only offers a refreshing escape from the scorching summer heat but also transforms your outdoor space into a private oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

Choosing the ideal pool for your house might be challenging with so many creative options available. But you can design your backyard vacation spot with a little research and inventive planning. Whether you’re looking for a small yet quaint outdoor space or a large backyard retreat, we offer a comprehensive guide to the greatest modern pool designs for any size.

In this article, we will explore a plethora of wonderful outdoor pool ideas that will inspire you to create the pool of your dreams, ie.:

  • Different ways in which to incorporate shade around the pool.
  • Utilizing your available space to its full potential.
  • Exiting ideas to take your pool area to the next level.
  • Furniture and other additions to elevate your poolside experience.

Swim-up Pool Bar

One of the many reasons people enjoy a pool day at luxurious beach clubs and five-star resorts is the option to sip on their favorite drink while in the pool. You no longer have to go to these fancy clubs if you have an outdoor pool. Instead, you can have your pool party at home.

Thatched gazebo with swim-up poolbar
Thatched gazebo with swim-up pool bar

Poolside Cabana

A cabana is an essential component of any tranquil oasis; it evokes thoughts of balmy breezes, clean air, and soaring palm trees. You may create this atmosphere in your backyard without having to travel to a beach. Your pool would benefit greatly from a contemporary cabana, where you may relax after a swim. A cocktail bar, an outdoor kitchen, or cozy outdoor seating for extended naps can all be added to the pool cabana.

Poolside thatched cabana with seating area
Poolside thatched cabana with seating area


Also known as a pool patio, here’s where you can place your lounge chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture. Wooden decking elevates the overall style of your outdoor pool area and is sure to impress your guests.

Sunken thatched gazebo with swim-up pool bar and decking.
Swim-up pool-bar with thatched gazebo and timber decking for sun-loungers

Outdoor Shower

Adding an outdoor shower near your pool enhances the experience of getting in and out of the pool. It also helps in keeping your home free from dripping water.

Tropical outdoor timber shower
Tropical outdoor timber shower

Sun Loungers

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, sun loungers are a great way to tan and relax in the sun. Also referred to as daybeds, they offer maximum comfort and are very easily adjustable. Moreover, the materials used make it easy to clean and maintain.

Poolside timber sunlounger
Poolside timber sunlounger

Sunken Areas

Incorporating a sunken gazebo allows for more design freedom, especially in residential areas with height restrictions. An exterior design services provider can help you with the design and construction.

Sunken thatched gazebo with outdoor area
Sunken thatched gazebo with outdoor area

Pool House

If you plan on getting an outdoor shower, having a pool house would be a great idea. The best part about a pool house is it can be designed for a variety of amenities. This is because the main function is to offer a secluded area next to the pool where people may change and shower before and after swimming. It can further have areas for resting, enjoying a beverage, and entertainment if used for commercial purposes.

Brick wall enclosure with glass doors and windows
Thatched poolhouse with glass doors and windows

Thatched Gazebo

Wooden gazebos make beautiful, functional center pieces, perfect for entertaining friends, celebrating with family, or enjoying some quiet time with nature. You can personalize it with our selection of high-quality accessories such as tables, chairs, lath panels for a private moment, and more.

Inviting thatched gable entrance to the structure
Inviting thatched gable entrance to the structure

Pergola Seating

A pergola is an outdoor structure that consists of vertical pillars that hold cross beams and a strong open lattice. People often grow creepers to create a shaded promenade.

Cape Reed timber construction timber pergolas in natural finish with decking
Cape Reed timber construction timber pergolas in natural finish with decking


Creating a wonderful outdoor pool in your backyard is an investment that brings endless joy, relaxation, and entertainment. With a wide range of design options to choose from, you can craft a pool that complements your lifestyle and reflects your personal taste. So, dive into the world of outdoor pool ideas, and embark on a journey to turn your backyard into a dream oasis that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.


How can I create a budget-friendly pool area?

To create a budget-friendly pool area, consider opting for smaller pool sizes, using cost-effective materials, and incorporating DIY elements in the landscaping.

Can I incorporate a hot tub with my outdoor pool?

Yes, you can create a pool and hot tub combo to enjoy both relaxing warm water and refreshing pool experiences.

What are some water-saving tips for pool owners?

To save water in your pool, consider using a pool cover, fixing leaks promptly, and limiting pool refills to minimize water wastage.