Charming outdoor living area adorned with a thatched roof, surrounded by nature's tranquility.

Top Pool Cabana Ideas To Revamp Your Backyard




After a long week, nothing beats relaxing in the pool. Everyone anticipates a variety of ways to rest and unwind. Many people enjoy having a pool at home because it allows them to relax on weekends and host fantastic parties for their friends and family. The pool becomes much more pleasurable when entertaining accessories are made available. Pool cabanas, and pergolas are popular choices among pool owners.

Pool cabanas are excellent if you are looking to improve your backyard. You could also hire professional landscape design contractors to help you improve the yard. This accessory is catching up very quickly across the UAE, and today we will discuss the best way for you to build a pool cabana in your backyard.

Traditional Style

This pool house is classic, where the cabana-style offers shade, while upscaling the feel and look of the backyard. You can easily recognize this style with its rectangular-shaped structure and height. This is an impressive and popular idea to turn your backyard into an elegant spot.

Thatched outdoor entertainment pool cabana with BBQ firepit
Thatched outdoor entertainment pool cabana with BBQ firepit

Gazebo Style

This type of cabana has a unique design that is mainly inspired by the shape of a gazebo. A gazebo cabana is smaller in comparison to the others. However, they provide an excellent package, everything you’ve hoped for.

Thatched roof pool cabana on square timber pillars
Thatched roof pool cabana on square timber pillars

Semi-Open Style

This type of cabana is a combination of the traditional style along with the experience of an open pavilion. Compared to the traditional style, it incorporates the cabana, making it into a complete living space in the backyard.

Sunken thatched gazebo with swim-up pool bar and decking.
Swim-up pool-bar with thatched gazebo and timber decking for sun-loungers

Why Build A Pool Cabana?

There are numerous advantages to setting up a cabana by the poolside. Giving your space a luxurious, upscale look and feel, these structures offer individual space for people to relax, and this is just the beginning. Learn more about other benefits they offer.


This is at the very top of the list, so it’s quite convenient. You and your visitors may want to change into a swimsuit without having to go back and forth into the house to do so. As a result, cabanas are a must-have pool addition.



Cabanas often have spaces with a view of the pool. This space is mostly useful to enjoy the view if your children enjoy swimming and will be spending majority of their time in it. You’ll need to watch your children to ensure their safety while cooling off. Pool cabanas are incredibly useful for such situations.

Shade in the outdoors

If you love basking in the sun, you will find yourself soaking up a lot of sun. However, there comes a time when you require shade. A pool cabana offer total shade from the heat. This is extremely beneficial when hosting a party because not all of your guests will enjoy sitting in the sun.

Personal Style

You can now enhance the look of your backyard by customizing a cabana of your choice. You can incorporate your personal style, therefore, having a living space in the outdoors that has your vibe.

Gran Melia Don Pepe thatched pool cabanas.
Thatched poolside daybeds cabanas

Get Access to Your Backyard Haven Now!

Ready to transform your backyard into a haven of relaxation and style? Discover a world of endless possibilities by incorporating a poolside cabana or pergola. Your oasis awaits!

Stunning thatched roof pool cabana on the Palm Jumeirah.


Revamping your backyard with a pool cabana or pergola is an investment in both aesthetic charm and personal well-being. These stunning additions not only redefine your outdoor space but also provide an avenue for creating cherished memories with loved ones.


How can I maintain my pool cabana?

Regular cleaning, weatherproofing, and implementing pest control measures are essential for maintaining your pool cabana’s longevity.

What are some cost-effective pool cabana ideas?

Repurposing existing structures, using budget-friendly furniture, and opting for portable cabanas are great cost-effective options.

What are some popular roofing options for pool cabanas?

Thatch, synthetic thatch, and metal roofing are popular choices that offer different aesthetics and benefits. Choose one that suits your taste and climate.