Paneltwistec AG, countersunk head screw


Special coated

6.0 x 140mm per item
8.0 x 200mm per item
8.0 x 240mm per item
8.0 x 300mm per item

The Paneltwistec AG wood screws of specially coated and hardened carbon steel have a special screw tip and milled ribs above the thread. The screw is available in the forms countersunk head and flat plate head.

The special geometry of the Schraubenspitze AG screw brings about a reduction of the screwing torque and in addition leads to a lower splitting effect when screwing in the screw.

Hardened carbon steel, specially coated

• A seal is applied to a galvanised surface whereby the seal reacts with the galvanised surface. In this way any weak points in the galvanising are also reliably enclosed and protected.
• Corrosion resistance up to three times higher than than that of surfaces with conventional blue electrogalvanising
• Applicable in service classes 1 and 2 to DIN EN 1995-Eurocode 5
• Good resistance to mechanical loading
• Inhibits contact corrosion with fixtures
• Contains no chromium(VI) oxide
• Not suitable for wood containing tannins


• Faster and simpler screwing-in
• Lower splitting effect
• National and international approvals
• Higher corrosion resistance than conventional galvanising
• Applicable in service classes 1 and 2
• Contains no chromium(VI) oxide
• Resistant to mechanical loading
• Inhibits contact corrosion with fixtures
• No knocking of the screws when screwing in with a TX drive

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6.0 x 140mm per screw, 8.0 x 200mm per screw, 8.0 x 240mm per screw, 8.0 x 300mm per screw


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