Eucalyptus timber and thatch structure.

Outdoor Transformation in Victory Heights




Welcome to the splendid world of Victory Heights, where a mesmerizing outdoor transformation has taken place on the grounds of the prestigious Els Golf Club in Dubai’s Sport City. This enchanting property has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis under the watchful guidance of Cape Reed and the creative collaboration of Clearwater.

Unveiling the Challenge: From Limitations to Possibilities

The sunken seating area, though effective in providing shade, faced limitations due to its shape and size, leaving ample space untapped. Recognizing this potential, Cape Reed’s team of skilled designers and craftsmen embarked on a journey to craft a bespoke design that would optimize the poolside terrace.

A Vision Realized: Eucalyptus Thatched Splendor

Proposing a captivating eucalyptus thatched structure, Cape Reed received enthusiastic approval from the client. This marked the beginning of an extensive transformation – involving the removal of the existing structure, infilling of the sunken area, and the meticulous construction of an entirely new edifice.

Beautiful outdoor living space with a thatched roof
Beautiful outdoor living space with a thatched roof

Crafting Excellence: From Dismantling to Creation

With precision and dedication, the team meticulously dismantled the original roof and prepared the grounds for the upcoming masterpiece. As the columns took form, the project’s contours emerged. In just two weeks, the team proudly presented the project to an elated client.

Fusion of Elements: A Harmonious Ambience

The clear-treated timber of the new structure elegantly intertwines with the stone cladding gracing the newly constructed counters and BBQ/Braai area, a testament to Clearwater’s contribution. This symbiotic blend creates a warm and luminous atmosphere that was absent in the previous structure. Enhanced by the gabled entrance, the setting extends an irresistible invitation, enticing visitors to gather around the live-edge timber table and unwind in an oasis of natural charm.

Stunning interior of the outdoor renovation
Stunning interior of the outdoor renovation

Conclusion: A Masterpiece of Form and Function

The outdoor transformation of Victory Heights stands as a testament to the fusion of visionary design and skilled craftsmanship. Through the collaboration of Cape Reed and Clearwater, the property has been reborn into an alluring haven where style and utility coexist in perfect harmony. This transformation not only elevates the property’s appeal but also provides an exquisite space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Discover the art of outdoor metamorphosis in Victory Heights, where nature’s beauty meets human ingenuity, resulting in a captivating retreat like no other.

With each passing day, the enchanting allure of the revamped Victory Heights beckons, a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and unwavering dedication.

Elevate your outdoor experience – come and bask in the splendor of Victory Heights.


What materials were used in the transformation?

The structure boasts clear-treated timber and stone cladding, masterfully combined to create a harmonious and inviting environment.

How was the sunken seating area transformed?

Cape Reed and Clearwater collaborated to replace the existing structure with an exquisite eucalyptus thatched design, elevating both form and function.