5 Ways To Glam Up Your Garden

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Blog, Outdoor Inspiration | 0 comments

A little bit of creative thinking can go a long way and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It’s not hard at all to add a bit of glam to your garden.

Here are five ways to use timber to glam up your garden this summer.

A rustic timber lath screen is a great way to separate areas in your garden, fence off flower beds or to provide a touch of privacy.

Strategically placed pieces of reclaimed wood can be either decorative or functional, depending on your garden and requirements.

A timber deck is the perfect way to level out uneven terrain or cover unsightly inspection covers or drains.

There aren’t many things as relaxing as an afternoon snooze in your garden, gently swinging in a hammock.

Imagine yourself on a tropical island or even safari with a garden shower to rinse of the day’s heat.

For more inspiring ideas follow our Pinterest board Outdoor Living Spaces. or to glam up your garden Contact us today and allow our creative team to design a thatch and/or timber structure that is customized for your property and tailor-made to suit your unique lifestyle requirements.


Can I glam up my garden on a budget?

Absolutely! Glamming up your garden doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find affordable decorative elements, DIY some projects, and even propagate plants from cuttings to save money.

Can I glam up a small garden space?

Of course! Even small spaces can be transformed into charming gardens. Consider vertical gardening, hanging planters, and compact furniture to make the most of the area.

How do I maintain the glam look of my garden throughout the year?

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garden glamorous year-round. Prune plants, weed regularly, and stay on top of watering and fertilizing schedules to ensure your garden looks its best.