Thatch on square timber gazebo on the Palm Jumeirah





If there’s one thing that captures the essence of luxury and elegance, it’s the combination of stunning swimming pools and captivating landscaping. Imagine a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and architectural artistry, coming together to create a mesmerizing oasis. XTERIOR, an internationally acclaimed swimming pool and landscaping company, brings this dream to life. In this article, we’ll dive into the story and success of XTERIOR, from its inception to becoming a global leader in creating exquisite outdoor paradises.

Cape Reed and Xterior collaboration outdoor living project
Cape Reed and Xterior collaboration outdoor living project

The Journey Begins: Bart and Kamila’s Vision

XTERIOR’s story is a testament to the power of shared dreams. Bart Lauwers and Kamila, hailing from Belgium and the Czech Republic respectively, united their distinct backgrounds and aspirations to create something extraordinary.

Bart’s Expertise and Kamila’s Innovation

With an impressive record of being recognized as the Best Belgium and European Swimming Pool Builder eight times, Bart Lauwers’ brilliance finds its counterpart in Kamila’s innovative outdoor design concepts.

European Heritage, Global Excellence

Rooted in European heritage and armed with 26 years of global experience, XTERIOR’s team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This experience, coupled with international references, allows them to provide unparalleled bespoke design services.

XTERIOR’s Design Philosophy

XTERIOR doesn’t merely design spaces; they craft dreams. Each project is a canvas where nature and architecture meet to create a masterpiece. The company’s design philosophy revolves around harmonizing functionality with aesthetics.

Outdoor seating area on the Palm Jumeirah under a thatched roof gazebo
Xterior landscaping with Cape Reed gazebo.

Guiding Clients Towards Perfection

XTERIOR’s commitment to its clients goes beyond designing and building. The team guides clients through every step, fostering an open dialogue and providing individual care and attention. This personalized approach ensures that each project is a true reflection of the client’s vision.

A Glimpse of XTERIOR’s Portfolio

The company’s portfolio reads like a journey through luxury. From the iconic Palm Jumeirah to the serene Emirates Hills, XTERIOR has left an indelible mark on some of the most prestigious locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Unmatched Quality and Sustainability

While beauty is paramount, XTERIOR also prioritizes quality and sustainability. The company’s commitment to responsible design and resource management ensures that their creations are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious.

Square timber double roof interior
Square timber double roof interior


In a world where outdoor aesthetics are an integral part of luxurious living, XTERIOR stands as an epitome of excellence. Through the brilliance of Bart and Kamila, the company has reshaped landscapes, creating outdoor havens that redefine opulence.



Can XTERIOR integrate eco-friendly features into landscaping projects?

Yes, XTERIOR places a strong emphasis on sustainability and can incorporate eco-friendly elements into their landscaping designs.

What type of swimming pool design is their specialty?

XTERIOR is renowned for its stunning infinity pools that create a seamless connection with the surrounding environment.

Do they undertake landscaping projects for commercial properties?

Yes, XTERIOR has experience in designing landscaping masterpieces for both residential and commercial properties.

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