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Why a thatched roof is not only for summer

If asked to list the benefits of building a shading structure, like a pergola or thatched roof gazebo, in your garden, most people would probably come up with the same answer. A cool place to sit under on a sunny day and also an attractive focal point in the garden.

Whilst this is definitely a fact, many don’t realize that the opposite is also true. A warm and cosy ambiance in which to spend a chilly winter’s day or night.

How you might ask?

By utilizing the terrific insulation properties of the natural materials we use in our construction process, temperatures within a thatched roof structure tend to be much cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Due to the incredibly low heat transfer value of Cape Reed structures, heat is reflected from the structure in summer and trapped beneath the roof during winter, causing a difference in temperature of up to 10°C.

With winter being just around the corner, increasing the heat underneath your thatch roof structure can be as simple as adding a fireplace to the construction. The strategic placement of a space heater could be just as effective. This results in an eco-friendly structure that can be enjoyed year round, adding the distinct ambiance of nature to any home and garden.

So what about health and safety risks?

Due to the active fire risk to constructions made from natural materials, Cape Reed has developed a fire retardant thatching method for improved safety. During construction, a fire retardant blanket (capable of resisting temperatures of up to 500°C) is incorporated within the thatch. Further fire protection may be added by applying a specially developed eco-friendly chemical spray (manufactured by Dutch company, Magma), Cape Reed FireShield. This product has been independently tested and subsequently earned the European Union’s approval for this fire retardant thatching method.

In essence, by sensibly combining nature and technology, we are able to create a unique and versatile, yet sustainable structure in which you may relax and entertain all year round.

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