Outdoor Living in Sotogrande, Spain

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Projects, Residential | 0 comments

Now would be the perfect time to get that outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of! And it doesn’t have to be a schlep or mean months of construction, noise and dirt – we have mastered the art of transforming mundane properties into havens of relaxation and style, as we recently did with this property in Sotogrande.

In less than two months, the team (in conjunction with local companies Construcciones Sena Rosano,  McLundie Architects and Patricia Darch Interiors) created these beautifully inviting structures which are now ready to be utilised at any given time for (almost!) any given purpose!

All structural timber used are harvested from sustainable forests and pressure treated to ensure the preservation and durability of the timber structures. We provide timber structures in a number of finishes and can be built using either cylindrical, square or laminated timber.

Be it a sun-soaked pool party or a more sophisticated dinner party that you are hosting, these structures will not only leave a lasting impression on your guests, but much more importantly, improve your quality of life in a way you never would have guessed.

Pass the hassle of getting summer ready onto capable hands. Contact us today and allow our creative team to design a thatch and/or timber structure that is customized for your outdoor living space and tailor-made to suit your unique lifestyle requirements.