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Low-Maintenance Gardens For Landlords




With the increase in people renting their homes, more and more landlords are entering the real estate investment market, and it’s becoming necessary for property owners to differentiate their offerings from others with more attractive options. After all, the mark of a truly savvy and experienced landlord is a beautiful, low-maintenance rental property for a low overall investment. To attract tenants, gardens must be low-maintenance and attractive, boosting curb appeal and appealing to all sorts of renters.

Mulch It

Mulch and gravel are excellent ways to add attractive, low-maintenance areas to your garden. They both deter the growth of weeds, and both options are cheap and easy to maintain, making them excellent choices for properties let out to tenants. If you choose colored mulch, you may need to replace it every few years, as the coloring wears off, but natural wood chips or gravel can last a long time. Usually, you’ll just need to top them off every few years when dirt starts to show through again. Mulch and gravel are more of an initial investment than plain dirt, but the time and effort that they’ll save you speaks for itself, and the minimal upkeep they require makes them appealing to tenants.

Look For Native Plants

If you want a garden that requires little maintenance, always look to native plants first. Plants that are native to your region will survive better, since they’re accustomed to the climate, local diseases, and natural pests. Native plants are an eco-friendly choice, too, as they’ll encourage native pollinators and wildlife in the garden, and they’ll take the place of invasive species. Choose hardier native species that require minimal attention: your tenants may not be keen gardeners, and you want to ensure that the plants you include in the property are not only attractive, but will thrive without much attention.

Invest In Perennials

Planting perennials when preparing your garden is a great way to avoid maintenance on it in the future. Perennials are bulbs or shrubs that will grow back every year after they’re planted. Depending on the type of plant, they can sometimes benefit from pruning, but this can be done between tenancies, and you won’t have to worry about replanting your garden every year. Paired with mulch or gravel beds, perennials make a lovely, low-maintenance, minimalist garden without skimping on luxury. Just be sure to plant perennials that can survive the seasons in your region.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Investing in automated irrigation systems can be a game-changer for landlords seeking low-maintenance gardens. These systems can be programmed to provide the right amount of water at the right time, ensuring plants stay healthy without the need for constant manual watering.

Utilizing Vertical Space

Limited garden space should not deter landlords from creating an impressive landscape. Vertical gardens and trellises provide an innovative way to grow plants vertically, making the most of limited space and adding a unique visual element to the property.

Maintaining a Low-Maintenance Garden

While low-maintenance gardens require less effort, periodic inspections are essential to ensure everything is in good condition. Regular inspections help identify potential issues early on and prevent any major problems from arising. Seasonal cleanup, such as removing fallen leaves, is also necessary to keep the garden looking pristine.


The key to maintaining an attractive garden in a rented property is to ensure that it is low maintenance. Taking the time to establish this before you let out the property will be well worth it in the long run.

Blog By: Jennifer Dawson


Are low-maintenance gardens suitable for all types of properties?

Yes, low-maintenance gardens can be adapted to various property types, including residential, commercial, and even community spaces.

Can I add decorative elements to a low-maintenance garden?

Absolutely! Decorative elements like garden sculptures or water features can be included to enhance the garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Can a low-maintenance garden increase property value?

Yes, a well-maintained and attractive low-maintenance garden can positively impact property value and attract potential tenants.

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