Thatched roof entertainment area with natural eucalyptus substructure

How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

If you are an avid grill master or just love to entertain in your garden, then an outdoor kitchen can do wonders for any backyard space. The best part is, it doesn’t matter if you are short of space or have an incredible back garden to work with. The outdoor kitchen ideas in this post will help you create the ultimate outdoor kitchen your guests will never want to leave.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

So you’re probably thinking this is going to cost an absolute fortune. If you want to splash out on all the top gear, of course it will come at a pretty high cost. But there are plenty of ways to create an amazing outdoor space on a budget using cheaper alternatives, DIY. and upcycling to help reduce costs.

This post is going to take you through the entire process of planning an kitchen that turns your garden into an entertainment paradise. From mapping out the space you have to how to choose the perfect grill as the centerpiece to your outdoor kitchen, we’ll help you confidently plan out your outdoor kitchen project with ease.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

When you are planning your outside kitchen you need to start by asking yourself a few vital questions:

What do you want to have in your outdoor kitchen?
Will you have a preparation area?
Are you going to have a dining area or an entertainment area?
Will you have a formal dining table or comfy seating?
Will there be a separate outdoor bar area?
And most importantly, how much space do you have to work with?

While space will dictate where and how things are placed, there are several considerations to take into account when planning your DIY outdoor kitchen:


It makes the most sense to have your garden kitchen close to the house. Even if you’re planning to have storage and refrigeration in the garden, there will often be times that you want to pop back in to get something. Plus, it will make clearing up at the end of the night easier.

Also, think about how guests will enter the house and your outdoor kitchen area. Foot traffic will flow much easier if you have planned your outdoor kitchen design prior to getting started with building.

Water Supply

Do you want to have a water supply and do you want access to hot water? It’s easy enough to install a sink with cold water supply by using the external hose points of the house. What’s more, you can have hot water by installing an instant heater. Keep in mind, this will provide enough hot water for washing but will not provide continuous hot water.


Similarly, if you’re planning to have electrical appliances in your outdoor kitchen, you’ll have to plan how you’re going to power them. External, weatherproof outlets that run from the house mains are easy enough to get. But don’t forget to protect any countertop plug sockets when the kitchen is not being used. A protective cover will do the trick here.

Wind Direction

While everyone loves the smell of great food cooking on the grill, no one wants smoke in their eyes or the house. While even the most masterful grill masters can’t control the wind, you can figure out the general wind flow in your area. This will allow you to build your outdoor kitchen and grill area downwind from your house and seating areas.

Garden View and Sightlines

Obviously you’re planning to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen. But do you want to have it block sightlines from your kitchen window? If you’ve got enough space to play with, think about the placement of furniture, particularly coverings to avoid blocking your scenic garden views while having your morning coffee or espresso.


A well-designed outdoor kitchen utilizes natural light and shade to make the most of the space. If you have a south-facing garden that gets tons of sunlight, think about positioning your outdoor seating area in a part of the garden that gets natural shade.

The last thing you want is guests hot and uncomfortable at your very first grill!

Plan ahead and use the natural shelter your house provides to save yourself the cost of shades and covers farther down the line.

Blog by: Erin Pearson