Exclusive Outdoor Living in Dubai

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Projects, Residential | 0 comments

Imagine stepping into a world where outdoor living surpasses every expectation, where every corner of a villa in Arabian Ranches exudes exclusivity in Dubai. That’s precisely what Terra Verde brings to life with its collaboration with outdoor landscapers.

The villa stands as a testament to luxurious living, embracing the charm of outdoor spaces amidst Dubai’s allure. The landscape, adorned with exotic plants and swaying palm trees, creates an ambiance that captivates the senses. The centerpiece? An overflow swimming pool that commands attention, elevating the beauty of the garden to unparalleled heights.

Venture further, and you encounter a sunken majlis, offering uninterrupted vistas of the pool and a mesmerizing wall water feature. The tranquil atmosphere, enhanced by a central fire pit, invites moments of serenity and relaxation.

This space isn’t just about nature’s embrace; it’s about entertainment and leisure. A pool table and a top-notch visual entertainment system transform this area into the ultimate hang-out spot, adding allure and character to the property.

TerraVerde has successfully built a region-wide recognition for creating exceptional award winning landscapes, garden and interior designs based on a philosophy of enhancing the environment and sustainability.

This project also won the “Best Residential Landscape” category at the 2016 Middle East Interior Design and Architecture Awards. We are very proud to be associated with TerraVerde and this project where we produced a beautiful thatch structure to help create a truly wonderful outdoor living space.

The crowning glory of this project? A beautiful thatch structure contributing to the creation of an extraordinary outdoor living space, amplifying the villa’s allure in outdoor living Dubai.

In essence, Cape Reed and Terra Verde’s collaboration in creating this villa exemplifies the pinnacle of exclusive outdoor living in Dubai. It’s a testament to our expertise in merging natural beauty, sustainability, and luxury living. From stunning landscapes to entertainment havens, this project stands as a beacon of opulence and innovation in the heart of Arabian Ranches.