Eco-Friendly Playstructures

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Since the 19th century, climbing frames, playstructures and apparatus were built to improve both the physical and moral development of children.

Whilst sending your kids off to the park to enjoy these wonderful structures may seem like a logical solution, however many of today’s parents just don’t feel comfortable in doing so anymore.

Eco-friendly playstructure timber climbing structure with thatched roof, swings and climbing wall
Eco-friendly playstructure timber climbing structure with thatched roof, swings and climbing wall

The alternative is to build such a eco-friendly playstructures in your own garden, allowing your children to improve their co-ordination, motor skills and core strength in the safety of their own home. Not only does climbing assist in the cognitive development of your child, it’s also heaps of fun!

Eco-friendly playstructures are the perfect fit for residential areas, seeing that they have a natural finish that will blend perfectly well with your existing garden and landscaping.

Custom built outdoor kids play area
Custom built outdoor kids timber play area

Genuine Cape Reed playstructures are constructed from only the best, responsibly sourced, sustainable materials, creating a natural environmentally friendly play structure for your children’s enjoyment and development.

Eco-friendly playstructure with slide, climbing net and swing
Eco-friendly playstructures with slide, climbing net and swing

Let Cape Reed assist you in creating the perfect play area for your children, customized according to your family’s specific needs. Give your kids the fun and freedom, as well as encouragement, to play outside, while at the same time benefiting their overall health and development on a whole new level!


Are eco-friendly playstructures more expensive than conventional ones?

Eco-friendly playstructures might have higher initial costs, but they offer long-term savings through reduced maintenance and environmental benefits.

How can communities get involved in creating eco-friendly playgrounds?

Communities can participate in design workshops, volunteer for construction, and collaborate with local authorities to make eco-friendly playgrounds a reality.

Are biophilic playstructures suitable for all age groups?

Yes, biophilic playstructures are designed to cater to children of all ages, promoting creativity and environmental awareness.