Sneak peak and NEW photos inside Dubai Safari Park

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Construction of the fully smart eco-friendly Dubai Safari park that is divided into four different sections – African, Asian and Arabian Villages as well as an open Safari area – have passed the 75% completion mark and will soon be a huge tourist attraction for the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Safari Entrance

The park, which is set to eventually host 10,000 animals, have already seen a number of elephants, bears, lions, monkeys and bats arrive, with the rest to follow soon. To ensure that these majestic creatures are being kept cool in the hot desert climate, an innovative system of air-conditioned rocks, chilled pools and misting machines have been implemented to aid in the comfort of the animals. To top it all, these cooling facilities will be powered by solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint of the zoo.

Dubai Safari Park

The Cape Reed Group’s sustainable, eco-friendly structures fits the design of Dubai Safari park like a glove, creating the heartbeat of the African village and standing central to the construction of the Safari area, with thatched structures, fencing, gates and decking distributed throughout the 119ha park.

Dubai Safari Park

By using natural products (thatch and timber) that have very high solar reflectance indexes, these structures not only add a wonderful natural ambiance to the park, but also help to control the climate in a far superior way to traditional buildings.

Inside Dubai Safari Park

The facility will also boast with two theatres that will show educational animal shows at the park. One of these, a 1,000 seater auditorium that will play host to a variety of activities and shows featuring binturong (also known as bear cats), otters and raccoons to start off with. The smaller 300-seater theatre will be the venue for close encounters with birds and reptiles.

Dubai Safari Park

Additionally the park will also feature a butterfly park, botanical garden and walk-through aviary for further interaction with nature.

Dubai Safari Park

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