Cape Reed turnkey project residential thatched roof villa

Contemporary Thatched Roof Project in Cape Town




Cape Reed International embarked on a very special project in Cape Town in honour of our late founding father, Louis van der Vyver.

For the longest time Louis had the dream to remodel his private residence in Cape Town. Originally built in the more traditional Cape Dutch building style, Louis envisioned a modern thatched roof villa to reflect the clean lines of a contemporary design concept.

The project kicked off in September 2018 and was completed little more than 18 months later. This saw a big percentage of the original structure demolished, leaving some structural elements in place to form part of the new building.

Several months of construction slowly saw the project take form. A well-balanced blend of concrete walls, clear treated timber members and cape reed thatch roof resulted in a contemporary villa with magnificent views of the beautiful surroundings. A total 25.8m³ of Eucalyptus Cladocalyx timber was used to structurally support the 397m² thatched roof, equating to a whopping 28tonnes of timber and 23,820 bundles of cape reed thatch!

Leading up from the driveway and double garage, the foyer splits into a family entertainment room with patio on the right and a sitting room to the left. The latter flows into an open-plan kitchen with adjacent scullery as well as the en-suite master bedroom/bathroom with access to the garden patio.

A curved concrete and glass stairway make the way up to the first-floor landing which leads into two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The project also included the construction of a fully serviced staff accommodation, complete with two bedrooms, bathroom, living area and courtyard as well as an office block that now house the Cape Reed Products office.

The contemporary thatched roof project in Cape Town is more than just a construction venture; it is a narrative of passion, dreams, and legacy. It exemplifies the fusion of modern design with timeless traditions, serving as an inspiration for generations to come. This architectural symphony, brought to life by Cape Reed International, stands as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of Louis van der Vyver.



Who was Louis van der Vyver, and why is this project significant?

Louis van der Vyver was a revered founding figure, and this project honors his dream of a modernized thatched roof villa, blending traditional charm with contemporary design.

How long did the transformation take, from start to finish?

The project commenced in September 2018 and was completed in just over 18 months, culminating in a breathtaking contemporary masterpiece.

What other features were integrated into the project?

Beyond the main residence, the project included a fully serviced staff accommodation and an office block that now houses Cape Reed Products’ headquarters.



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