Be Lounge canvas stretch tent with timber screen and substructure

Cape Reed International & Be Lounge Andalucía have joined forces and will bring stylish glamping right to your backyard.

In a time of social distancing and home isolation, taking advantage of nature and the peace and serenity it brings has never been more important – there can be no better escape from reality than a true change of scenery. And having that in your own backyard is the proverbial cherry on top!

Imagine being able to relax in style and glamour while experiencing the true beauty and tranquility of nature with all the luxury and comforts of your home with Be Lounge Andalucía.

Cape Reed International, world leaders in creating a desired lifestyle, has joined forces with Be Lounge Andalucia to bring the ultimate experience in glamping right to your doorstep, whether you are dreaming of a rustic safari adventure or a dreamy nomadic escape, there is no limit to what these two companies can do to make your dreams come true.

With their combined years of experience, the two teams’ dedicated designers and craftsmen are eager to turn your ordinary garden into an extraordinary outdoor living area by creating eco-friendly, sustainable timber and thatch structures, paired with made-to-measure canvas stretch tents that will fit your available outdoor landscape like a glove. And since all of these structures are customized to satisfy your needs and requirements, the only limit to what you can achieve, is your own imagination.

Contact us today to turn your isolation situation into a relaxation destination!