Cape Reed turnkey project residential thatched roof villa entrance

A Tribute To Founding Member, Louis Van Der Vyver




In a heartfelt tribute to its late founding member, Louis van der Vyver, Cape Reed International embarks on a poignant journey of preserving his legacy. This year-long project holds both emotional significance and architectural innovation, as the company pays homage to the visionary leader who laid the foundation for their success.

Central to this tribute project is Cape Reed International’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. As a pioneer in designing, supplying, and constructing eco-friendly structures, the company embraces materials that resonate with nature’s rhythm. This project serves as a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices, blending innovation with environmental consciousness.

Wooden ceiling with rustic beams adding warmth and character to the interior space.
Enhance your space with the timeless appeal of a wood ceiling, featuring rustic beams that infuse warmth and character into your project.

Very few people are aware that the construction of this very residence in 1989 actually led to the establishment of Cape Reed International. Having had to face and overcome a number of challenges during the construction process, the entrepreneur in Louis was inspired to establish this company that has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Cape Reed turnkey project residential thatched roof villa
Cape Reed turnkey project residential thatched roof villa

We’d love you to join us on this remarkable and very special journey to a great man that had an even greater vision. Follow us on our social media pages and be sure to check in regularly to see what has been happening so far with our tribute project.

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What was Louis Van Der Vyver’s role in Cape Reed International?

Louis Van Der Vyver was a founding member of Cape Reed International, playing a pivotal role in shaping its direction and values.

What is Cape Reed International’s approach to sustainability?

Cape Reed International is dedicated to eco-friendly architecture, using sustainable materials to create structures that harmonize with the environment.

What message does this tribute project convey to the architectural community?

This project showcases how architecture can be a powerful tribute, blending the past, present, and future while embracing sustainability and innovation.


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