Shanti-Som Well-Being Retreat Thatched Gable Entrance

Shanti-Som Mediterranean Spa & Well-being Retreat

In Commercial, Projects by Karlin van der Vyver

Imagine a place of tranquil serenity and natural beauty, nestled in the midst of nature and situated only a few hours away from major European cities. Drawing inspiration from the ancient traditions and tropical spa rituals of the East, Shanti-Som Holistic & Wellbeing Retreat in Spain takes centuries of eastern wisdom and uses these teachings to counterbalance the stress of modern life and the tell-tale signs that it leaves behind.

It took them just 16 weeks to complete the project, thatching a total roof area of 721m², whilst installing 53 running meters of timber balustrades as well as 134m² of timber decking.

This required a staggering  46,858 bundles of cape reed thatch and more than 50m² of timber poles, filling a total of four 40 ft. containers!

The careful blend of nature and technology, coupled with years of experience and know-how, makes Shanti-Som the ideal place for those who want to break away, recharge, relax and regain their energy, whilst at the same time learning and experiencing how to get in perfect harmony with mother nature.

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