Why the Cape Reed lifestyle is the ultimate lifestyle

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Whether you’d like to build something from scratch or perhaps want to revamp an existing structure in your garden, Cape Reed is  confident that we’ll be able to assist you and your lifestyle!

The versatility of our designs and material, allows us to create unique structures that’s custom-made for each and every client, perfectly matching the surrounding garden landscape and most important of all, is exactly what you want, lifestyle!

Cape Reed’s Unique Designs and Materials

One of the standout features of Cape Reed is its array of unique designs and materials. From enchanting gazebos to luxurious pergolas, the possibilities are endless. Each structure is custom-made for individual clients, ensuring it harmoniously blends with the surrounding garden landscape. Cape Reed takes pride in delivering designs that cater to the client’s lifestyle and preferences.


A simple timber pergola in your backyard could be the ideal place to sit down to enjoy a beverage or meal, or even relax with a good book or newspaper!


By building a thatched roof gazebo, you create a unique, airy living space, customized to fulfill your needs. Whether you’re a big sports fan, party animal or serious entertainer, how you ultimately decorate and utilize this space is entirely up to you!


Why not incorporate a pool-bar into your existing pool? You might like a place to lounge and have a drink whilst submerged in the water. A thatched pool-bar or gazebo is the answer to your questions!


If you’re serious about your healthy lifestyle, why not have your own private gym at the comfort of your own home? For this our timber log cabins work exceptionally well. Or you might be more into Yoga or Pilates – a thatched gazebo with a timber deck will allow you ample space to complete your fitness routine.


Perhaps you need a private space where your therapist can gently massage your aching muscles or even just a covered shelter for your Jacuzzi.


Surprise them with their very own Jungle Gym! Allow them to climb, jump and swing to their heart’s desire, whilst at the same time assisting the development of their motor skills.

It’s as clear as daylight – no matter the challenge or request, the Cape Reed Team are more than capable of transforming just about any space into a beautiful and stylish living area, tailor-made to your requirements, creating #ExclusiveLiving #Naturally


Are Cape Reed structures suitable for all climates?

Yes, Cape Reed structures are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for both hot and cold climates.

How long does a Cape Reed structure last?

With proper maintenance, Cape Reed structures can last up to 25 years or more.

Can Cape Reed structures be customized?

Absolutely! Cape Reed structures are highly customizable, allowing you to design the perfect space for your needs.