The Island, World Islands, Dubai

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Commercial, Projects | 0 comments

Dubai’s most unique venue, The Island Beach Club, a Caribbean-style beach club aimed at high-flyers. The Island Beach Club is the first commercial development to open on Dubai’s famous offshore island project The World.

Located on the island of Lebanon and situated about four kilometers out to sea, it takes approximately 30 minutes by water taxi to reach this exclusive establishment. With a choice of two beaches, along with a swimming pool, onsite Beach Volleyball court and Dubai’s hottest dining hotspot, Toro Blanco, The Beach Club accommodates all comers. The South side beach is the most in demand spot, with 360 degree views of Dubai’s skyline.

Cape Reed’s work included the construction of the main restaurant building which comfortably seats up to 200 guests, as well as eight chalets, 10 beach umbrellas, and two cabanas for welcoming guests.

Special pressure-treated timber columns from South Africa were used to build all the structures, while the group’s unique cape reed thatching was used for all the roofs.

The entire process from design to completion took more than a year due to the lengthy approval process by the developers because of the uniqueness of the project. Naturally, due to the location of the island, we also had a few logistical challenges getting the material and our team of thatching artisans to and from the premises on a daily basis.

As quoted by the proud owner of The Royal Island Beach Club: “Their fine work is not only appreciated by us, but also by everyone who has visited this island, and we are all extremely satisfied by Cape Reed’s work, as well as their professionalism and dedication. Truly commendable”.