Bluewaters timber pergola

Pros and Cons of a Pergola: Timber Vs Steel

People interested in maintaining a thriving and green backyard would love to have a pergola structure at home. This is because they work as a great support to grow plants, especially vine plants. On top of this, pergolas add personality to your home interior and provides great seating space for outdoor events and parties. For a pergola structure to have as many advantages, it is fairly justified that it has to be made out of the best material. Let’s find out which material is more suitable for timber pergola design structures:

Pergola of Timber

Wood is a leading construction material, with its uses far-fetching, such as constructing houses, floors, walls, windows, furniture, etc.

A timber pergola is a frequently used item, as it divulges classic, organic, and overall rustic appearance.

Pergolas of timber are in great demand by builders because of their cost-effectiveness. They build efficient structures with minimal cost and long-lasting benefits. A must-know advantage that a timber pergola has is that it is easier to maintain by applying resistant paints to keep insects and pests away.

Cape Reed commercial project the Boho Club with a semi-shaded timber pergola over the terrace
Semi-shaded timber pergola over the terrace

Pergola of Timber Pros

  • Comparatively robust 
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating 
  • It can hold solar panels
  • It comparatively responds better to sand and salt than steel and aluminum
  • It has the flexibility to bear more designs and patterns
  • Pergola of timber gives an aesthetic and natural look
  • It can be repainted for a fresh look
  • It is cheaper to build
Cape Reed timber construction rustic pergola with barasti pam fronds
Cape Reed timber construction rustic pergola with barasti pam fronds

Pergola of Timber Cons

  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Not as strong as steel structures

Pergolas of Steel Pros 

  • High-grade steel structure is strong, sturdy, and long-lasting
  • It is quick and easy to construct
  • It can be painted with weather-resistant paints to protect from rust 
  • Steel pergolas are safe from molds and insects
Bluewaters timber pergola
Bluewaters steel pergola

Pergolas of Steel Cons

  • These structures are strong but are highly vulnerable to rust.
  • A rusty steel pergola compromises the aesthetics of the construction.
  • Though weather-resistant paints can serve the purpose, it requires constant maintenance.

To Conclude

A pergola is a beautiful structure that can add so much more to the lifestyle of your house. It depends merely on your choice of material that suits your preference depending on surrounding weather conditions, your ability to look after the structures, and the aesthetically pleasing outlook of your house.