Light Your Deck Like a Pro: 6 Tips & Ideas

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When thinking about deck lighting, a lot of people consider it to be a finishing touch or an afterthought of deck design. The truth is, if you light up all the right spots on your deck, there’s very little left for you to do. Just throw in a decent-looking table and a few durable chairs, and you’ve made yourself an enjoyable relaxing space as well as a party deck!

However, exactly because of the simplicity of the space, lighting your deck might turn out to be harder than expected. Here are some fool-proof ways to light your deck like a pro.

1. Light the Way

If you have a deck without a fence and/or with stairs, it’s not only aesthetically pleasing to illuminate the perimeter, but it is more than useful in situations where the party continues long into the night and you have had a few glasses of Chardonnay!

Tip: When lighting the stairs, the lights should be directed downward, into the stairs, and not upward toward the eyes.

2. Post Cap Lights

For those that have a fenced deck, illuminating it is a piece of cake. Just use the infrastructure you already have. The deck posts are placed so that the distance between them is even, so installing some low-voltage lights on each post will ensure that your deck is well-lit without the light ever being overbearing.

Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking
Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking

3.Harness Solar Only

For the lucky ones that live in an area full of sunshine all year round (we’re looking at you, Cali), the easiest DIY project would be to get some solar lights and attach them either to the fence or place them around the perimeter of your deck. By using solar lighting like solar step lights for deck you don’t have to hassle with wiring and voltage, just secure the solar lights and enjoy your warm nights on the deck.

Tip: If you have a dog that would be a threat to the in-ground solar lights, try putting some pepper on them, or spray them with apple cider vinegar. That should keep your dog away from them – for a while at least.

Add a touch of magic to fences and pathways with lighting
Add a touch of magic to fences and pathways with lighting

4. Enchanting String lights

String lights are like red lipstick – they take any look up a notch. But more thank just looking good, string lights are a no-fuss way to decorate your deck, since you don’t even have to try and conceal the wiring of these lights. The wires, after all, are part of the lighting for a reason. String lights are bold in their simplicity, And because they are gentle on the eyes, they make for a perfect pergola roof or a nearby tree decoration.

Tip: If you don’t want to deal with wires and electricity, opt for solar string lights – they’re cheap, beautiful, and suitable for any weather.

Cape Reed Thatched Gazebo
Cape Reed Thatched Gazebo with string lights

5. The classics

You can never really go wrong with lanterns, especially in the outdoor setting. They are portable, they cast a romantic glow that is just enough for you to see what you’re doing. Bonus, they’re cheap and durable as well. In short, the classics are the classics for a reason.

Tip: If you have a pergola, mount your lanterns on its poles – this will create subtle, unobtrusive perimeter lighting on your deck.

Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking
Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking

6. Under-Table Brilliance

Lastly, if you have a cooking table or a similar workspace on your deck, it’s a good idea to install some under-table lighting that will make cooking at night an easy and enjoyable experience.

Tip: Play around with under lighting and implement the same concept to your deck railing. It’s elegant and effortless at the same time.


In conclusion, lighting your deck like a pro involves a careful balance of aesthetics and functionality. Whether you opt for solar lights, lanterns, or string lights, each method contributes to the overall ambiance of your outdoor space. By thoughtfully illuminating pathways, posts, and work areas, you can create a deck that exudes both charm and practicality.

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Can I install deck lighting myself?

Yes, many deck lighting options are designed for easy installation, but if you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult a professional.

Can I use string lights on a covered deck?

Yes, string lights can be used on covered decks to add a cozy and enchanting atmosphere.

How can I ensure the safety of my deck lighting setup?

Regularly inspect the lighting fixtures, keep cords secured and away from foot traffic, and avoid overloading electrical circuits to ensure safety.