An exclusive outdoor living space with timber pergola and thatched roof structure.

Happiness is a great outdoor living space!

If there’s one place that should be the centre of your happiness, it’s your outdoor living space. As the great Anton Chekhov once said “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy”. And it’s true. Few things are better than endless days of relaxation (in its many ways and forms) in your own private paradise.

Taking full advantage of your outdoor living space, however, can sometimes be tricky, depending on the space you have to your disposal and in many cases, your budget.

But don’t see that as a problem – the Cape Reed team is always up for a challenge and we just love putting our passion and years of experience to the test when it comes to customer satisfaction. The versatility of our materials of choice (thatch and timber, sustainably grown and harvested) allows us to create eco-friendly customized outdoor living spaces that will fulfill your individual needs and requirements to a tee. Leaving you happy no matter what the season might be!

A gazebo is a great way to bring the indoors outdoors and will soon become your favourite hang-out spot!

Pergolas are great shade coverings and their beautiful simplicity can easily become the focal point of your garden.

An outdoor kitchen just takes your outdoor living space to the next level!

Our new contemporary white-wash finish adds a modern touch to a classic design.

For more inspiring ideas follow our Outdoor Living Space Board on Pinterest.

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