Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking

Creative Wooden Decking Ideas

The comfort of your home and the value of your property may both increase with the addition of a deck. A well-planned patio, terrace or balcony deck may make your living space more appealing and offer space for various potential purposes. With the right idea and know-how, the addition of a timber deck to your backyard, will allow you to utilize your property’s potential to the full. Here are some innovative ideas for wooden decking that may be helpful.

Pool Deck

A sturdy wooden deck around your pool creates a great place to relax and entertain. It also provides a cool surface for bare feet and makes getting into and out of the pool, a lot easier!

Sunken thatched gazebo with swim-up pool bar and decking.
Swim-up pool-bar with thatched gazebo and wooden decking for sun-loungers

Entertainment Deck

Don’t let your outdoor layout prevent you from having a space to entertain and socialize. With the right design, lights, and furniture, a wooden deck transforms underutilized areas into favourite hang-out spots, perfect for dinner parties, quality family time and socializing in general. 

Cape Reed thatched gazebo with timber decking
Cape Reed thatched gazebo with wooden decking

Elevated Deck

Some properties come with large backyards and great views, but so often these are pretty useless due to uneven terrain and dense vegetation. One way to bypass this “problem” is by installing an elevated wood deck. These can be easily enclosed or covered with a roof structure, leaving you with an even surface from which to enjoy the surrounding landscape and breathtaking views surrounding your property.

Elevated thatched gazebo with timber walkway decking and balustrades
Elevated thatched gazebo with timber walkway, wooden decking and balustrades

Enclosed Deck

An enclosed deck has the benefit of being usable all year round and is less prone to weathering and deterioration than an open deck. The design makes it particularly efficient since it essentially becomes an outdoor living room that can be furnished to suit individual needs.

Timber decking with cladding and lath screen
Wooden decking with cladding and lath screen

If you want a wooden deck, ensure a strong base supports it and that you routinely maintain it with the proper oils and finishes. For any wood decking work, hiring pros is usually recommended.