Katsura collaboration design view from thatched gazebo in zen garden landscape

Cape Reed International and Katsura Garden Design Collaboration

As world leaders in creating a desired lifestyle, the Cape Reed team in Spain recently teamed up with international landscape design company, Katsura Garden Design.

Cape Reed’s eco-friendly, sustainable timber and thatch structures pair exceptionally well with the East Asiatic influence of Katsura garden design principles, turning ordinary gardens into extraordinary outdoor living spaces that transpire not only beauty in its fusion of designs, but also a calming atmosphere of peace and serenity.

The owner of the company and the head designer is the German expert, Frank Robert Mäurer, who has worked and studied with renowned professionals, particularly in Hangzhou (China), and Saitama (Japan). Currently, the company uses this knowledge to meet the needs of their clients towards creating a garden that they dream about.

Through their multi-year experience they are pleased to offer you qualified services that comprise the best features of Asian landscape design philosophy embodied with German precision.

Radiating a natural feeling of tranquility, there’s no denying the positive effect that these beautiful gardens has on one’s well-being.

Contact the team today and let them assist you in creating the zen garden of your dreams!