Katsura collaboration design view from thatched gazebo in zen garden landscape

Cape Reed International and Katsura Garden Design Collaboration




As world leaders in creating a desired lifestyle, the Cape Reed team in Spain recently teamed up with international landscape design company, Katsura Garden Design.

Cape Reed’s eco-friendly, sustainable timber and thatch structures pair exceptionally well with the East Asiatic influence of Katsura garden design principles, turning ordinary gardens into extraordinary outdoor living spaces that transpire not only beauty in its fusion of designs, but also a calming atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Katsura collaboration design thatched gazebo in garden landscape
Katsura collaboration design thatched gazebo in garden landscape

The owner of the company and the head designer is the German expert, Frank Robert Mäurer, who has worked and studied with renowned professionals, particularly in Hangzhou (China), and Saitama (Japan). Currently, the company uses this knowledge to meet the needs of their clients towards creating a garden that they dream about.

Katsura Garden Design is a world-class landscape design company known for its expertise in creating breathtaking outdoor spaces. Their team of skilled designers combines artistry and functionality, transforming gardens into enchanting sanctuaries that evoke serenity and tranquility.

Inspired by Japanese garden traditions, Katsura brings the Zen factor to their designs, incorporating elements such as water features, stone pathways, and carefully chosen plants. The result is a garden that exudes calmness and balance, inviting inhabitants to unwind and find peace in the midst of nature.

Katsura design poolside thatched gazebo in garden landscape
Poolside thatched gazebo in garden landscape

The collaboration between Cape Reed International and Katsura Garden Design signifies the seamless union of nature and architecture. The two entities, each experts in their field, join forces to create spaces that complement each other, enhancing the overall experience for those who inhabit them.

The partnership between Cape Reed International and Katsura Garden Design represents the harmonious convergence of architecture and nature. Their commitment to sustainability, design excellence, and creating environments that inspire and delight reaffirms their positions as industry leaders.

Contact the team today and let them assist you in creating the zen garden of your dreams!



What is Cape Reed International’s specialty?

Cape Reed International specializes in creating sustainable structures using natural materials like reed and timber.

Does Cape Reed International use environmentally friendly practices in their projects?

Yes, sustainability is at the core of Cape Reed International’s philosophy, and they are committed to environmental responsibility.

What can clients expect from the Cape Reed-Katsura collaboration?

Clients can expect spaces that seamlessly blend architecture and nature, creating environments that captivate and inspire.

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