Boho Club, Marbella

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Commercial, Projects | 0 comments

Situated in the shadow of the La Concha mountain and surrounded by lush green garden landscapes and beautiful outdoor works of art, there can be no wonder as to why the Boho Club has been dubbed ‘the secret forest of Marbella’.

This enchanting establishment brings a playful, eclectic ambience to the Golden Mile in a relaxed, bohemian setting. Guests have access to beautifully landscaped gardens, a poolside restaurant – Bernies and a art gallery.

Contributing to this feeling of informal luxury, several stunning Cape Reed pergolas provide shade over the newly completed restaurant terrace and the outdoor exercise area. The timber laths used for the roof of the pergolas allow just the right amount of light to filter down, creating the perfect balance of shade and sun in which to enjoy an authentic al fresco meal or revitalizing yoga session.

The whitewash finish of these sustainable timber structures blend in exceptionally well with the club’s landscaping and overall design, making this one of the Andalusian coast’s latest hot spots.

Boho Club brings a new dimension, one that concentrates on laid back luxury and creating a sense of belonging. As you arrive you will experience an eclectic air and a feeling of excitement. Playful, Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole moments will catapult you from the pink onyx reception desk into a luscious garden that unfurls around a turquoise pool.