Cape Reed timber decking, cladding and pergola

10 Pergola Ideas For Home

The pergola is often overlooked when it comes to adding function, detail or structure to your property. They are extremely versatile, these structures are rarely limited by creative designs or tricky construction areas which make them the perfect asset for any outdoor space!

  1. A fantastic way to add functionality to a space that is rarely used.

 2. An excellent shading option in spaces where a bit of sunlight is still required.

3. Be it commercial or residential, a patio pergola is perfect to cover outdoor seating arrangements.

4. The versatility of timber (exclusively supplied by The PoleYard and shipped from South Africa) allows for all sorts of creative designs.

5. Create a tranquil spot to enjoy a good read or something to eat.

6. An excellent way to cover a multitude of areas/equipment – be it a Jacuzzi or even an outdoor shower!

 7. Large or small, a timber structure is sure to become the focal point of your landscaping.

8. Rustic yet contemporary, a well-designed pergola works great to create a natural ambiance.

9. Perfect to cover open terraces – especially in an outdoor resort or restaurant set-up.

10. A brilliant way to bridge the transition from the indoors to the outdoors!

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