Xpark Jr Thatched and Timber Play Structures

XPark Jr, Kite Beach – Boldly Banishing Boredom!

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Xpark Jr is a place where children of all ages could explore, learn and most importantly play, in a natural environment, enabling them to connect with nature, whilst at the same time getting some exercise and stimulation, in ways other than electronically.

And so Xpark Junior began…

This vision of paradise had to include key attractions such as a variety of play-structures (themed and as natural as possible), landscaping (to closely resemble a jungle), a coffee shop for parents/guardians as well as a farmer’s market where kids can sell their home-/handmade produce and products.

Xpark Jr Thatched and Timber Play Structures

Thatched and Timber Play Structures

Cape Reed was appointed as the turnkey contractor to make the client’s vision a reality – creating a paradise park for children emphasising the jungle theme.

Our design team (including architects, engineers and draughtsmen) worked closely with our construction colleagues to create these multiple enclosed areas that are utilized as restaurants, market areas and administration buildings, as well as the magnificent play-structures and log cabins which form the core of the design.

Xpark Jr Timber Climbing Tower

Timber Climbing Tower

Local landscaping company and business partner – Escape Landscaping, was appointed as sub-contractor to fill in the blank spaces with suitable vegetation and of course, water features, to create a real oasis in the centre of Dubai’s Urban Space.

The final designs for this project were completed in May 2015 and the contract was subsequently signed in June 2015. Construction started immediately and the final project was despite some minor setbacks completed in a record time with final handover to the client that was done on the 1st of October 2015.

Xpark Jr Thatched and Timber Play park

Xpark Jr Thatched and Timber Play park

The site covers a total area of 2400m² – of which every square millimetre is being utilised to its maximum capacity and potential.

Large double doors and an elevated arch forms the entrance to this treasure, almost reminding one of the entrance to a king’s castle. Upon entering the park, one is immediately met by welcome shade and an intense atmosphere of adventure, fun and lots of excitement.

Xpark Jr Timber Playstructures with Elevated Walkways

Xpark Jr Timber Playstructures with Elevated Walkways

A plethora of timber climbing structures await the eager little ones, encouraging them to climb and clamber in a multitude of fashions. These structures include various climbing passages, ropes and walls, as well as elevated towers, monkey bars, cargo nets, slides, swings, an elasticised spider-web, sandpits, and even mini ‘wadis’ as a bonus!

Xpark Jr Enclosed Thatched Restaurant

Xpark Jr Enclosed Thatched Restaurant

It has been proven over and over that physical activity enhances concentration, motivation, learning and overall well-being. By allowing your children to swing, balance, climb, run, dig and slide to their little hearts’ content, you inadvertently induce physical exercise in a fun way – a welcome distraction in today’s electronic environment, while at the same time strengthening their muscles and motor-skills. But it doesn’t stop there – it also boosts their self-confidence when mastering an obstacle and aids in the development of social skills in a group environment.

Xpark Jr Timber Playstructures and Walkways

Timber Playstructures and Walkways

Additional activities include lessons in learning the skills of archery, cooking and survival in the wilderness, as well as general arts and crafts. On top of that, a mini-farm allows the young ones to get really close to all sorts of farm animals, allowing them to experience milking cows, riding on horseback and collecting freshly laid eggs.

The thatched timber structures are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but they are also extremely durable and are used for a multitude of activities. Enclosed by loads of green vegetation, trees, water features and suitable lighting, this park not only emanates an atmosphere of serenity and calm but also one of extreme fun and adventure!

Xpark Jr Thatched and Timber Play park

Thatched and Timber Play park

A full service café serving healthy snacks and drinks, caters not only for the ravaged adventurers, but also forms a welcome place to relax for parents and guardians.

XPark Junior – where imaginations soar and adventures mount with each and every second passed!

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