Why Choose Synthetic Thatch

As with many things in life, the benefits of synthetic materials in modern construction cannot be ignored.

Synthetic thatch tiles closely imitate the look and feel of natural thatch and can be easily installed on timber or any other conventional building substructures such as concrete or steel.

Designed to resist pest infestation, mildew and UV damage, synthetic thatch is a great choice of roof cover in areas with high humidity, torrential rain and strong winds. They have excellent wind uplift resistance and can withstand category 5 hurricane winds of up to 200mph.

Our synthetic thatch solution does not need to be treated, repaired or replaced and stands up to all types of weather. When properly installed it is 100% rain, snow, hail and rot proof. Furthermore, it is Class A fire rated and flame resistant to meet international fire safety codes.

Our synthetic thatch can be easily installed on any sloped roof with a 14° or greater roof pitch. It looks great on cone, gable, shed, hip, valley or compound curve roofs. It can be applied to several roofing substrates including plywood deck, concrete and metal with waterproofing membrane and can also be applied to open structure, horizontal or vertical batten roofs.

Our synthetic thatch product is an eco-friendly thatch that supports LEED Certification. Made from recycled materials, this product help reduce waste because of its longevity and durability.  The PVC and HDPE formulas do not degrade and is 100% recyclable.  This sustainable roofing solution is a great option for environmentally friendly thatch roofing.

In summary, our synthetic thatch roofing solution:

  • Has a beautiful, exotic and natural look.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Has a 20-year guarantee.
  • Is Class A fire rated and flame resistant.
  • Can withstand up to category 5 hurricane winds (up to 200 mph).
  • Is UV stable.
  • Is rain, snow and mildew proof.
  • Is fast and easy to install.
  • Does not require maintenance.
  • Is quality made in the USA.

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