Magma is recognised as the world leader in the manufacturing and supply of fire retardants for natural materials and textiles.  No surprise then that Cape Reed International chose Magma to develop and manufacture Cape Reed FireShield.

The following are some of the tests (and subsequent results) conducted by independent laboratories referring to the technical qualities of the product.

Cape Reed FireShield

Waterborne, fire retardant impregnating coating.

White, colourless after drying.

Does not contain solvents and complies for professional usage, with the Dutch labour standards including VOC levels.

As a fire retardant impregnation coating suitable for interior or exterior applications of natural materials and textiles.

Examples:  Thatched roofs, pergolas, natural structures and decorative materials.

Various materials treated with this product and complies with set standards as stated.

Depends on the type, quality and absorbing properties of the materials to be treated. In general:  0,5 liter/m² (0,45kg/m²)

Density:  1,13kg/m³                          PH-value:  7,0

Dilution: Product is ready-to-use and cannot be diluted with other products and/or water.

Method: Can be applied by spray or dipping applications.

Conditions: Temperature between 5°C and 40°C.  Relative humidity max 70%.

Surface: Material to be treated needs to be clean(ed), dry and free from dirt, dust or oil.

Cleaning: Directly after treatment, with warm water before drying.

General: Before treatment, spray a small sample of the material where it will not be noticed to ensure the result.  When the result is not satisfactory, do not continue to use the product and contact us.

10kg and 25kg cans

The shelf life of the original, closed and suitably packed product is 12 months from the date indicated on the label.  After opening, the shelf life is limited.

Free from frost, not in direct sunlight, packaging well closed.  Keep away from children and animals.

Do not eat, drink or smoke during application.  Do not flush unused chemicals but dispose this in accordance to local waste disposal regulations.

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Cape Reed Fireshield has undergone extensive testing by various laboratories and has been internationally approved for construction with natural materials.

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