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The top 10 places you should visit when you’re next in Dubai

In Travel Destinations by Karlin van der Vyver

Being one of the most unique cities in the world, Dubai is undoubtedly a travelers dream, with its great architecture, vibrant night life, rich history and attractions for each and every one. The next time you plan a trip to Dubai, make sure these top 10 Cape Reed inspired destinations are on your list to visit! FUN FOR EVERYONE If …

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The Destination is XPark Jr

In Commercial by Karlin van der VyverLeave a Comment

Cape Reed was hired to create a children’s ‘paradise’ in Dubai – somewhere that children could spend time (without technology) and experience fresh air and adventure…. The park is known as XPark Junior and is located just off of Dubai’s Kite Beach. The site covers a total area of 2400m². The final designs for the project were completed in May …

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XPark Jr, Kite Beach – Boldly Banishing Boredom!

In Outdoor Inspiration by Karlin van der VyverLeave a Comment

Xpark Jr is a place where children of all ages could explore, learn and most importantly play, in a natural environment, enabling them to connect with nature, whilst at the same time getting some exercise and stimulation, in ways other than electronically. And so Xpark Junior began… This vision of paradise had to include key attractions such as a variety …