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Importance of Regular Maintenance of your Thatched Roof

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The importance of regular maintenance of your thatched roof might sound like a bizarre concept at first, but one that will most definitely save you money in the long run. Although we might strive to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible in the way we conduct our business (in the process making use of some of nature’s best building …

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Beat The Heat

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If asked to list the benefits of building a shading structure, like a pergola or gazebo, in your garden, most people would probably come up with the same answers. A cool place to sit under on a sunny day and also an attractive focal point in the garden to beat the heat. What almost no one would guess is that …

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Sustainable Shading

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT SHADING STRUCTURE FOR YOUR GARDEN CAN BENEFIT BOTH YOU AND THE ENVIRONMENT There will be questions on shape and design, on size and colour, but there is one question that often goes overlooked, despite it being one of the most important of all: what effect will your choice have on the environment? Lets talk sustainable shading. Barely …